1932 Atlanta Journal Newspaper – DAR Marking the Grave of Vines Collier


On June 24, 1932, the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) placed a monument over the grave of Vines Collier.  Click on the following link to see the February 15, 2015 CHF post on the subject.

Marking of the Grave of Vines Collier, 1932

The Atlanta Journal newspaper reported on the event in its the August 21, 1932 Sunday Edition.  Here is the page with the article.   If you hover the cursor over the bottom left of the image, a zoom option will appear for a closeup look.

1932 Newspaper_17x23_cropped2

A high resolution electronic copy can be accessed for downloading by clicking on the following link.

Atlanta Journal – High Resolution File

The front page tells what was in the news at the time the article was published.



Please note, information in the article represents the reporter’s understanding of historical events and genealogical connections at the time, and as contributed by various sources.  The newspaper article is presented here as a matter of interest, without the intent to validate its statements.




  • I’m looking for a digital copy of the June 12, 1932 Atlanta Journal Rorogravure Section.

    It contains reporting on DAR Real Daughters Mary Pool Newsom and Sarah Pool, daughters of Revolutionary War soldier Henry Pool.

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