A Midwestern Collier Branch

Collier Family Cemetery, Monroe County, Indiana


This is a combined genealogy study for Gloria Jean (Banderman) Collier and Michael Wayne Collier, who both hail from Higginsville, Missouri. Gloria’s ancestors arrived in the United States starting in the 1800s from the German Confederation, Scotland, and likely Ireland. Most of Gloria’s ancestors proceeded directly from their ports-of-entry to Missouri. Mike’s ancestors first arrived in British Colonial America with the 1607 Jamestown and 1620 Plymouth landings. Over the next two centuries, more of his ancestors arrived in British Colonial America and some eventually migrated from the U.S. Atlantic Coast (mainly Virginia); through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana; arriving in Missouri starting in the early-1800s. Mike traces his Collier lineage to Frenchman Robert Coliere, who arrived in England around 1482, as do many others on the Collier Heritage Foundation site.

The study is presented in a general chronological order with Gloria’s and Mike’s family trees separated. The study concentrates on direct ancestors (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) and only addresses aunts, uncles, and cousins when they are found to be interesting people–meaning those of historical note or having interesting life stories. A short life story is provided for each interesting ancestor, along with historical background to help understand the context for when the ancestor lived. Family tree branches are noted in each life story when the branch is not readily identifiable by an ancestor’s surname.

We hope you find this study both interesting and educational.

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Gloria and Mike Collier


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