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Genealogy research identified two Coats of Arms that could be used by J. C. Collier’s line.  He chose the Coats of Arms granted to Robert Collier of Darleston and Stone, England in 1583.  We have selected this Coat of Arms as the logo for the Collier Heritage Foundation.



Carol Colliers Coat of Arms








1919_04_18_Ltr DCC to Tiffany coat or arms
In this letter, D. C. Collier requested a colored painting of the shield by Tiffany, Inc


This letter of 1926 is Tiffany’s response to an inquiry about an engraved die. The text provides a good description of the significance of the various components of the Coat of Arms.























The Collier Coat of Arms was used in a variety of ways. It is engraved over the door of the Collier mausoleum in Greenwood Cemetery, Barnesville, Georgia.

























This is a small (3″ x 4″) framed painting from the Estate of Virginia Collier Dennis.

























Here are some examples of stationery with the Collier Coat of Arms used by J. C. and D. C. Collier.


























And a Christmas greeting . . .













This is an engraved stamp of the Coat of Arms, apparently ordered by J. C. or D. C. Collier.














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