Collier Family Collection at East Texas Research Center

Family of Absalom Terrell Collier shortly after the end of World War II.

The East Texas Research Center of Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU), in Nacogdoches, Texas, has added the Collier Family Collection to its archives.  According to its website:

“The East Texas Research Center (ETRC) collects, preserves and provides access to East Texas’ unique cultural history. The ETRC houses photographs, documents, maps, books and other archival materials that emphasize eastern Texas life, culture, economy and history. The ETRC serves as a Regional Historical Resource Depository for the State of Texas and manages Stephen F. Austin State University’s Record Management Program and the university’s archives.”

The Collection documents the history of various Collier family lines who moved from Virginia in the mid-1600s, to Georgia in the late 1700s, and to Texas in the 1800s.  The bulk of the information focuses on the descendants of Virginian, Vines Collier, a veteran of the French and Indian War and a supporter of the American Revolution who relocated to Georgia in about 1780.  He and his wife, Elizabeth, raised thirteen children.  Many of the children and grandchildren played prominent roles in the settling and early development of Georgia.  Two of the grandsons, Efford Cobb Collier and Robert Terrell Collier, brought their families to Texas in the 1800s.   Efford Cobb’s group eventually ended up in Central Texas while Robert Terrell established the East Texas branch of Vines Collier descendants.

One focus of the collection is the family descended from Robert Terrell Collier, who came to East Texas from Georgia in the 1880s.  Absalom Terrell Collier, a son of Robert Terrell, was the patriarch of a large family in the Nacogdoches area.  The Collection covers the Nacogdoches family line through the baby boomer generation following World War II.

The Collier Family Collection at SFASU compliments the Collier Family Papers at Georgia Historical Society (GHS) in Savannah.  The Georgia collection was received on July 26, 2016.  After almost two years of cataloguing, the Collier Family Papers, consisting of over 100 (some estimates are closer to 200) cubic feet of material, was finally announced available to researchers at GHS Research Center in Savannah.

After similar inventory and cataloguing, the ETRC archived Collier Family Collection will be made available to researchers by appointment only.

The Collier Family Collection at the ETRC was made possible by the estate of Virginia Collier Dennis, donations from the family historical files of Doris Collier, and Collier Heritage Foundation.  Please contact CHF if you have materials you wish to donate to any of the archives.

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  • Elaine Collier Neal

    Great idea and great news. Thanks for all of your efforts. and dedication. Love the picture of family too. I have been in contact with another South Georgia. Cousin and wanted to get him to join. Regards. cousin Elaine Collier Neal

  • Jonathan Matthew Collier here just want to say this is really awesome I live in Spotsylvania Virginia my dad is David Leon Collier one of my uncles name is charley Collier he was once a midnight cowboy singer and he has passed away but I’m wondering are we all still kin to each other my dad’s family came from the West Virginia coal mines.

  • Tammy Inmon Sanchez

    My name is Tammy Inmon Sanchez I live in San Antonio, Texas. I come from a line of Collier’s from Nacogdoches, Texas. My Grandmother was born a Collier. Her name was Marjorie Carmel Collier. She married an Inmon from El Paso Texas. Her father was Alburn Calvin Collier and her mother was Harriet Kathryn Nolley Collier. I would like to know how I’m related to this history of Collier’s

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