Collier Family History, by Elmer Roy Collier

In 1975, some 50 years after J. C. Collier made contact with the Texas descendants of Efford Cobb Collier, Elmer Roy Collier compiled his Collier Family History.  The document was privately published and provided to relatives. Elmer Roy, a great-grandson of Efford Cobb, conducted extensive research and visited sites important to our Collier heritage.

John Howard Collier, son of Elmer Roy Collier, has made available for posting the manuscript produced by his father.

From John Howard Collier:

This electronic PDF document is the result of my dad’s, Elmer Roy Collier, extensive work on his Collier family history in the 1980’s after he retired. His original focus was on the Efford Cobb Collier descendants (son of Robert Collier, son of Isaac Collyer) who left Georgia to emigrate to Texas where extensive descendants still resided.

He always had an interest in photography and had gathered many of the old family photos. He had camera setup for making copies of other’s family photos. He enjoyed gathering family stories.  He and my mom did a lot of genealogy research while traveling to visit my family from Salt Lake City to cemeteries and distant relatives through the south.

Finding distant relatives with the same interests as listed on page 4, he “swapped” genealogy and added many sections to other Collier members and to the Collier ancestors. In addition he would find other family names through marriages such as Vines, Peirsey and Draper which he would include. He then typed all the material from genealogy to family stories to other historical references, and copied photos into this document which he then bound for each of his three children. He would make copies for other interested relatives. This was released in 1975 with a major update in 1987.

He and my mother also did the same research on the other three family lines of their parents and published similar volumes. When going through all his material, I found the original unbound copies and scanned into this PDF document to share his work.

CHF is grateful for this addition to our website.  The arrows at the bottom of the page can be used to scroll through the document.


The entire document is available for download at the following link:


Many thanks to John Collier for sharing this important work.


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  • I am related all the way down to Vines Collier. From there my side of the family went to Alabama will Elmer’s went to Texas. I am so very glad to have found this document. Having it, and some other information beyond Vines has allowed me to piece together my entire Paternal line back to the beginning….. or at least France.

    Thank you so kindly.

    James L Collier Jr

  • I am trying to trace the Collier family, from Carbondale, PA. I was informed by the Carbondale Historical society, that the Collier name was changed many years ago, in Carbondale, PA. There was a split in the family and the part of the family that had the original spelling, (not Collier spelling) they moved to N. J. The family who stayed in Carbondale, changed the name to Collier. I have not been able to find out what the original last name was, before it was changed to Collier, (my maiden name). Please help if possible. Please email me if can give me some info. I only have records when my grandparents were married, in the early 1900’s, who were Frederick Collier and Margaret Corrigan. The name was Collier at that time.

    • Hello Shirley,

      My name is William Collier. I am the grandson of Fred Collier from Carbondale, PA. I believe we are related. I am from the part of the original family that you stated relocated to New Jersey.

      I have been working on constructing a Collier Family tree for a few weeks now and I have gathered a lot of information, I would love to share with you.

      Fredrick was my grandfather. He was from the family of Charles and Julia. They had 8 children living in Carbondale, Anna, Fredrick, Adella, Agnes, Andrew, Henry, Charles Jr., and Florence. They lived at 40 42nd Street.

      I have so much that I could share with you about the Collier’s.

  • Dianne Harris (maiden name Collier)

    I think we must be distant relatives. My father was born in 1908 and his name is James Elmer Collier. I think his father (or brother) was named Jonathan. My mother is Flora Flossie and her maiden name is Daniel. I am the baby of eight and i will be 70 this July. Dad died in the early 70’s at age 68/69 and mom died in the early 2000’s at age 92. I had always heard that our first ancester that came to the United States was Scottish and his last name started with Mc . Story has it that he stole a horse. The punishment for being a horse thief back then was to be hung. However, he was give the choice of being hung or being sent to the United States. He worked on that ship by shoveling coal. That is how he got the last name of Collier.

    • This is really cool I never knew Harris family and the colliers were close my name is Jonathan Collier and my soon to be wife of my 3 kids name is Ashley Harris. So weird to us lol but awesome at the same time.

  • Interested if i am part of this collier family. Texas born and raised, father is jeremy collier, grandfather is steven collier. Dont know much about my grandfathers family.

  • Charles Thomas Collier Jr

    My name is Charles Thomas Collier, Jr., and Efford Cobb Collier was my Great Great Grandfather. I am deeply grateful to all who have contributed to unraveling the history of the Collier family, and am especially thankful for this information on his gravesite.

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