Colliers in Atlanta

Home of George Washington (“Wash”) Collier, Atlanta, Georgia


The late Donald Collier was an avid genealogist and family historian.  His papers represent years of research in courthouses and other repositories of historical information.  Much of his work included the Colliers of Atlanta, although the relationship with Donald’s Vines Collier line was never proved.  More DNA testing could perhaps help to clarify if there is a relationship.

One document in the papers of Donald Collier was a history written in 1947 by Rusha Wesley.  Entitled “The Collier Family”, it was presented to the Atlanta Historical Association in conjunction with a founding celebration.  The paper provides a summary of the history of Colliers in Atlanta.

One of the most widely recognized Collier names in Atlanta is George Washington Collier, generally know as “Wash”.  Wash Collier is recognized as the “first merchant of Atlanta” for his combination store-post office, which also made him the first Postmaster.  His home, built sometime around 1868, still stands today in what is known as the Ansley Park residential district of Atlanta.  The house was built on the same site as his father’s house, which was erected in 1822 and destroyed in 1864.

There is much known in local Atlanta history about the Colliers.  Perhaps this post will serve as an introduction for future posts on that subject.  Here is the paper, “The Collier Family”, written by Rusha Wesley.

Rusha Wesley The Collier Family



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