Efford Cobb Collier’s Bible and the Isaac Groves Collier Reunion in Goldthwaite, Texas

Efford Cobb Collier, son of Robert and Martha Marshall Booker Collier and grandson of Vines and Elizabeth Williamson Collier, was born May 4, 1811 in Georgia.  He married  Elizabeth Singleton Harris on November 13, 1834.  In 1857, lured by the promise of abundant, rich farmland at cheap prices in Texas, Efford and Elizabeth moved their family to the Lone Star State.  They settled in the Douglassville area of Cass County, Texas.

Efford died April 26, 1867.  Sometime thereafter, Elizabeth and the family relocated to Central Texas.  Descendants of Efford and Elizabeth can be found throughout the region today.  In the 1920s, those descendants were the subject of a search by Jena Cuthbert Collier (see the Dec. 2015 post, Searching for the Family of Efford Cobb Collier).  Another CHF post, Collier Family History, by Elmer Roy Collier, dated Jan. 2016, contains the entire work of Elmer Collier.  The document focuses to a great extent on the Efford Cobb Collier branch while including significant research into the Collier line going back to England and France.

According to the Elmer Collier history, Isaac Groves Collier, the son of Efford Cobb and Elizabeth Collier, was born February 2, 1855 in Georgia.  Isaac married Elizabeth Ann Phillips on November 24, 1878.  Both are buried in Center City Cemetery near Goldthwaite, Texas.

The Isaac Groves Collier Family Reunion, an annual event, was held July 1, 2018, in Goldthwaite.  Mike Collier, descendant of Isaac Groves was in attendance and provided CHF an opportunity to photograph in color the Efford Cobb Collier Family Bible.  Black and white scans of the genealogy portion of the Bible are included in Elmer’s Collier Family History.  According to Elmer Collier, the Bible was purchased in Georgia by Efford C. Collier on July 5, 1838 for the price of $3.30.  The first family history page is shown below, followed by a photo of a flower and lock of hair that are pressed between the pages.  Any information about the significance of those two items will be appreciated.

High resolution copies of the more than 20 photographs may be accessed by clicking the link below.  We are grateful to Mike Collier for making this historical document available.

Efford Cobb Collier Bible

Here are some pictures from the reunion, grouped by generation.




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  • According to a Newspaper article published in The Weekly Standard (Raleigh, North Carolina) 16 Jan 1835, Fri Page 3, Effort C. Collier married Elizabeth S Harris, daughter of the Rev West Harris, formerly of Rowan County, North Carolina. I have attached that article here.

    Can you tell me if the lock of hair has been DNA tested?

    Thank you,
    Cynthia M Gordon


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