French? You must be kidding!

I believe these papers are the hand-written report of one of the genealogists hired by Jena Cuthbert Collier, probably in the 1910s.  It traces Colliers all the way back to France in the 1200s and follows Jena’s line down to his son, Durward.  This should be of interest to any of the Collier cousins, in particular, those in America that descended from Isaac Collyer, who came to Virginia shortly after 1650 and settled in York County (see page 26).

The report is quite lengthy (31 pages).  I will leave it up for a time so that you can save it if you wish.  Remember you should be able to “right click” and save the pages to your computer.  If the quality is not satisfactory, let me know and I’ll see you get a copy with good resolution.

Scroll down past the 31 pages to see earlier posts.

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Anyone want to volunteer to transcribe these pages into something easier to read?

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  • Joe Pat Whitehead, youngest son of Jo Anne Whitehead (Collier)

    Ok, so I did a little research on a few names from the document posted here and I have found a few nuggets of information that, on the surface, seem to be pretty interesting. Here are a few links from the research for you to view at your leisure.

    The first link will take you to the village of Coliere (first version name of Collier) and possibly, the beginning of the Collier name.

    The second link is a history of Sir Robert Collier. Very interesting read.

    The third is a picture of England. In the center of the country is a place called Nottinghamshire, burial place of John and Agnes Colier. Their names are on this 31 page document, page 3.

    One last interesting nugget. One of our ancestors was a discoverer at the same time as Christopher Columbus. In the document, it reads that the work of our ancestor was much longer lasting than Christopher Columbus. That’s pretty awesome! Our ancestors sailed to the new world and continued bringing people here long after Christopher Columbus quit.

    As my newly found love for this research continues, I will be glad to share it. If I post something and it is incorrect, please advise me. It will be much appreciated.

    Copy and paste the following links to a new search engine bar to see the results.

    Thanks Glen for peaking my curiosity into our past. It is simply an amazing past so far.

  • The above information was much appreciated. I give thanks for Jena’s investment in our heritage. I was able to determine the identity of the widow Revell who married Robert, father of our ancestor Isaac. Researching from the above pedigree, Collections for a History of Staffordshire, The William Salt Archaeological Society’s The Heraldic Visitations of Staffordshire in 1614 and 1663-64 published 1884 and The Topographer and Genealogist Vol.III 1858, I find all agree with Revell as Robert’s wife. This was confirmed at uk, Derbyshire Record Office. The widow Revell was Margaret Beighton. Her husband John died December 1592. Robert married Margaret and lived in the Revell manor in Ogston, Derbyshire until 1605 when Margaret’s son Edward Revell claimed his inheritance. Since Isaac was born @1606 it is quite possible that he and his syblings were born in Ogston.

    Linda Bennett

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