Genealogy of the Collier Family, by C. I. Collier, 1928

Genealogy of the Collier Family cover

Here is a neat little booklet done by C. I. Collier of Winder, Georgia in 1928.  It is not error-free, as we know today, but was a landmark for its time.  The author and J. C. Collier shared information.



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  • I research ancestry for my family and my wife’s family, based on archives of family records in our possession and using Ancestry-dot-com. My mother-in-law is a Collier by birth, a 4th-GGDaughter of Vines Collier, making my wife a 5th-GGDaughter.

    I was very pleased to find this site when I did a web search to identify the “Jena Cuthbert Collier, of Barnesville, GA” named as an important source for the C. I. Collier booklet in my wife’s records. Charles Ira Collier is a Great-Grandfather to my wife.

    With my simple search on titles of the letters generously posted here, I did not find any between J. C. Collier and C. I. Collier, as I hoped to find given that they obviously communicated leading up to the booklet’s June 1928 publishing date. Does anyone recall ever seeing any such letters or any mention of C. I. Collier within the J. C. Collier records?

    BTW, today for the first time, we enjoyed visiting Barnesville as we drove home from a trip to Florida. We drove around the pair of “Collier Mansions”, and visited the impressive Collier lot in Greenwood Cemetery.


  • Welcome to CHF. We are happy you found our site. Could you share your wife’s line?

    I do recall seeing mention of such a correspondence. I’ll see if I can locate it in the near future.


  • Glen,

    Thanks for your offer to locate any pertinent correspondence – anything you find would be quite interesting to me and my wife’s family.

    Her line follows C. I. Collier’s line as highlighted in his booklet, from Vines Collier & Sarah Williamson >> John Collier & Patsey Gresham >> Charles Pinkney Collier & Sarah Graves >> Minton Monroe Collier & Lucy Emma Griggs >> Charles Ira Collier (booklet author) & Marion Capitola Tarpley >> Herbert Tarpley Collier & Mary Dorothy Misselhorn >> my mother-in-law Collier & her husband >> my wife.


  • collierheritage

    Here is C. I. Collier and J.C. Collier correspondence. I hope it is helpful to you. There may be more that has not been located or posted.

    Go to the “Bonanza for Researchers” post, dated July 8, 2016. Click on the link “Click Here to Access the Remaining 401 Letters.”
    In numerical order scroll down to these letters
    1928_06_07_Ltr_C I Collier to JCC
    1928_06_08_Ltr_JCC to C I Collier

    I suspect the following notes on Collier genealogy, because of the dates and subject matter, may be related to the correspondence between C. I. Collier and J. C. Collier.
    1928_05_30 Collier Notes
    1928_06_02 Colliers
    1928_06_02 Collier Records Pike County
    1928_06_10 Collier Info
    1928_07_25 Collier Records

    You might also be interested in reading the correspondence between JCC and Louis A. Burgess regarding credit for genealogy work that went into Soldiers of Virginia 1776. The correspondence starts


  • Glen,

    Thanks very much. Interesting these letters are dated only a few days before the date which Charles Ira “signed” his booklet’s Preface.

    Nice to see C. I. Collier’s letter on the Winder Hotel letterhead, which hotel I had heard about from my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law said her mother had told stories about the hotel as the place they would make family visits to her father-in-law and his second wife Ellen.

    I note that Elmer Roy Collier included C. I. Collier of Winder, GA among those he credits as sources for his family genealogy booklet.

    When Charles Ira Collier died in Winder just-less-than 2-years after completing the booklet, he was buried in Fayette County, Fayetteville City Cemetery, with his first wife Marion Tarpley (my wife’s G-Grandmother). Fayette County is where he was born – his father was a second-generation Vines>John-descendant Collier farmer in Fayette.


  • Lloy Blaine Collier

    I an Lloy Blaine Collier, My Father was Robert Lloy, my grandfather Lloy Bell, my great grandfather was Edward B Collier. I am following this line of Collier. I am not sure of any connection to your line but am interested.

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