Home Site of Isaac Cuthbert Collier now Piedmont Park? – Maybe!

pic 9
Home of Isaac Cuthbert and Sara Means Collier, Piedmont, Georgia

The back of this photo bears the following note:

“The home of Isaac Cuthbert Collier and Sara Means Collier back in the early 70’s” (meaning 1870’s) “where J. C. Collier resided until he was thirteen years old, the front porch being torn away, now used as cattle barn.  Photo taken Dec. 12, 1943”

The home site was in the community of Piedmont, next to the dry goods store and cotton gin owned by IC Collier and within his 3000-acre farm.  Over the years, all the land of the farm was sold away except one acre where the store and gin stood with the home site immediately adjacent.  None of the buildings are there today.

In May 2015, the following letter was presented to the Lamar County Board of Commissioners.


In June 2015, the Commissioners voted to accept the donation.  The site lies about four miles north of The Rock on Piedmont Road.



  • Dear Glen, I am delighted and impressed by the land donation and the Commissioners response. That’s great news. Good work.

    Cousin Elaine Collier Neal

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