Isaac Collier, son of Vines & Elizabeth Collier

Isaac Collier Cemetery as found by Joel Shattles, Sr. in 2000.

In 2000, the late Joel Shattles, Sr. located the burial place of his ancestor, Isaac Collier, son of Vines Collier.  He found the cemetery, which had lain untended for many years, on the site of the Isaac Collier plantation on Sprewell Bluff Road in Upson County, Georgia.  Later that same year, a group of Collier kin led by Joel and the late Ramon Collier reclaimed the cemetery from the Georgia briars and thickets.

Cemetery after cleanup.
Part of the cleanup crew. The late Joel Shattles, Sr. is second from the right.  The cairn of stones is the grave of Isaac Collier, son of Vines and Elizabeth Collier.
ramon_collier crop
The late Ramon Collier and Carol Collier were on hand.
Many of the graves are marked with field stones and most of those have no inscription.
The grave of Isaac Collier, with its large mound of stones, shown on the right, is the most noticeable of the graves.
At least two Confederate soldiers are buried in the small cemetery.
One Confederate soldier, Sgt. Isaac Peterson Collier, was a hero in the battle for Kennesaw Mountain outside Atlanta.
Since the cleanup, CHF and the Sons of Confederate Veterans have maintained the cemetery.
Isaac Collier Monument
In 2012, CHF placed a marker at the cemetery with a brief description of the life of Isaac Collier.


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  • Hello, My name is Marsha Lorene Collier. My great grand father is Isaac Dudley Collier born 1819 and was killed on Nov 6.1860 in Nah County, N.C. Vines Collier and Myhill are my ancestors. Do you recognize those names. My tree is on Ancestry Marsha Collier

    • Marsha,
      Thanks for finding our website. Those names will definitely ring a bell with many who follow these pages. I’m hoping some of those who follow family lines closely will chime in with some information.

  • Dear Marsha Lorene Collier, I am always glad to meet another cousin. My grandmother’s name was Lorena. I looked at your tree to how close we might be linked and I noticed that you don’t have your tree back to the Myhill generation. I think your family might connect at Charles Collier 1660-1735 in Virginia. To be clearer and surer, have you considered an ancestry DNA test? Do you have a male brother or father Collier who could take the DNA test? The data are confusing and sparse that far back and the DNA helps fill in the gaps and make us surer of our genealogical work. Warmest regards, Elaine Collier Neal in GA

  • Hi yes I have DNA test on Ancestry. My tree is Collier Tree and not Marsha.Sorry for mix up. I know Myhill is my ancestor, Got to run out now but will post connectios when I return. I will send you an invite.

  • Hi Elaine, My great grandfather is Isaac Dudley Collier his mother and father is James .His father is James and Fanny Conn Collier. His father is Myhill.

  • This is a wonderful find. I am related through William P. Collier (1812-aft 1866) , brother to Isaac P. Collier (1806-1865), children of Isaac Collier. William P. Collier’s daughter, Sarah Elizabeth (1837-1916) is my 3rd great grandfather, she married William Blake Nichols. For a long time I thought that Isaac P. was my ancestor because someone had handwritten in a tree, Cealy Hamilton (Isaac’s wife). He also had a daughter Sarah Elizabeth. But on my Sarah Elizabeth’s death certificate it list her father as William P. A lot of the Georgia genealogy books have mis-transcribed as William T. But in Isaac seniors will, both Isaac P, and William P are written after each other and it’s clearly a P. Also in other probate records Isaac P and William P are listed together as guardians.

  • Isaac is father of my great great grandmother Tempe joyner? Patience is her mother. Havanna is her mother. I’m in Nash co

  • Trying to teach my son about his namesake Isaac Collier and what a fantastic find. I was delighted to see a picture of my great uncle Ramon and aunt Carol. I am related through Isaac Collier>Charles Vines Collier Sr>Charles Vines Collier Jr > Thacker Clyde (TC) Collier > Alice Collier Plemons > Lind Plemons Haak

    I have long wondered about the the Collier cemetery and am happy to have a location.

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