Isaac Cuthbert Collier, son of Robert Marshall & Amanda F. Greene Collier

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The final resting place of Isaac Cuthbert (I. C.) Collier, Greenwood Cemetery, Barnesville, GA, photo taken about 1909.

According to the entry in the family Bible, Isaac Cuthbert (I. C.) Collier was born June 24, 1844 to Robert M. and Amanda F. Greene Collier.  As with most Southern men of his time, he served in the Confederate army.  Returning from the war, he married Sarah Elizabeth Means December 21, 1865.  The couple had one child, a son, Jena Cuthbert (J. C.) Collier.  I. C. Collier died July 11, 1908 and was placed to rest in the pictured mausoleum built by his son, J. C. Collier. The following is the draft obituary of I. C. Collier, penned by J. C. in his own handwriting, and the subsequent article from the newspaper .

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