Jena Cuthbert (J. C.) Collier’s House at Piedmont

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The home of J. C. Collier located in the community of Piedmont, Georgia. The site of Piedmont is located in a portion of Lamar County that was carved from Pike County.

Notes on the photograph made by Durward Cuthbert (D. C.) Collier, son of Jena Cuthbert, identify the house as purchased by J. C. Collier prior to 1890.  Since D. C. was born in 1890, this suggests it was D. C.’s childhood home.  J. C. and Jessie Stephens Collier were married in 1888, so it was their home early in their marriage.


pic 17
J. C. Collier and son, Durward, on the porch of the house at Piedmont. The date of the photo is probably around 1900.
J. C. and Durward in the yard.
pic 19
A picture of the house at a later time than that of the first photo. The small girl is most likely one of the two daughters (Jessie or Evelyn) of J. C. and Jessie Stephens Collier. The Piedmont store and gin were located just behind the photographer.
pic 13
Girls playing in the yard.
pic 14
Durward and his sister, Evelyn, on the porch.

In March 2015, I visited the site of the Piedmont store prior to arranging the donation of the one-acre tract to Lamar County as a park (see the related post).  I was surprised to see the Piedmont home of J. C. Collier still standing and in remarkable condition.  The house lies across the road from the site of the store and gin.



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