John Vines Collier, Son of William and Sallie Collier


In 2009, the Collier Heritage Foundation located the burial site of John Vines Collier, grandson of Vines Collier, in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.  The cemetery is located on the Whitehead Farm in the same community as Collier Baptist Church.  However, the John Vines Collier Cemetery is separate from the cemetery associated with the church.

JVC b4
John Vines Collier Cemetery in 2009

Briars and wasps had taken over the cemetery, and CHF undertook to have it cleaned up.

By 2012, with the help of a local volunteer and some Roundup, all that remained was to sweep up the dead briars.



John V collier cemetery after
John Vines Collier Cemetery in 2012. Left to right CHF members Jan Rhodes, April Davis, Josh Rhodes, Jack Howard (owner of the Collier – Howard House), and Glen Collier.

William Collier was the seventh child born to Vines and Sarah Elizabeth Collier. William was born in April 1775 in Brunswick County, Virginia and died in 1849. He married Sallie Powell October 12, 1801 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Williamson Collier, my direct ancestor and brother of William Collier, married Sallie’s sister Jemima.

William and Sallie Collier had six children, one of which was John Vines Collier.

John V Collier Marker







Collier Cem2


Here is a copy of the survey of the cemetery, recorded in 1869.  Note the survey was made by G. W. Whitehead.




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  • From Elaine Collier Neal:

    This is one list.

    Collier, Sidney 6 Nov 1909 21 Dec 1910
    Collier, Ralph Sidney 5 Dec 1883 21 Nov 1973
    Collier, Woodie Williamson, 6 Mar 1887 1 Sep 1946

    Collier, John E 7 Nov 1852 27 Apr 1920
    , Sarah M 25 Oct 1856 20 Oct 1923

    Collier, L W 2 Sep 1839 25 Jul 1922

    Collier, Lousidney 19 May 1843 13 May 1907
    Wife of LW Collier

    Collier, John V 24 Feb 1809 27 Jan 1889

    Collier, Mrs. Elizabeth 25 Jun 1814 1 Apr 1868
    Wife of John Collier

    Bush, William Wade, 31 Mar 1842 26 Oct 1861
    He died in Yorktown, VA …

    pp. 20-21 in Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia, 3rd ed., Historic Oglethorpe County, Inc. , 2005.

  • Great job on the cemetary….I am the grandson of Ralph and Woodie Collier and son of Virginia, mother is in the Carlton Cemetary. I am in Virginia and wondering how the cemetary looks today? Feeling nostalgic for family! I’m named for my grandfather. Can you provide an address for the old home place and cemetary? Glad I found you! RDK

  • Ralph,

    Thank you for connecting with CHF. I personally haven’t been to the cemetery since 2013. We enlisted the help of a worker at the farm to clean it up and offered to pay for continued upkeep. He said he would keep it up but would not accept any money.

    I don’t know what old home place you reference. Is it on the farm where the cemetery is located? We are interested to know.

    Also, where is Carlton Cemetery?



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