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This post is to generate interest and to respond to inquiries about Martha Marshall Booker who married Robert Collier, son of Vines and Sarah Elizabeth Williamson Collier.

On April 9, 2018, Brenda DiCristinaon commented on post “Vines-Collier-Hicks Cupboard, A True Family Heirloom in North Carolina Museum”

As a direct line descendant of Vines and Robert Collier, I find this very interesting. One correction: I have a copy of a newspaper article announcing the marriage of Robert Collier and Martha Marshall Booker in WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA on May 1, 1806. Putnam County was not founded until 1807.

Does anyone have any knowledge of Martha Marshall Booker’s parentage?

And on April 11, 2018, she wrote as a comment on the post “Jena Cuthbert Collier, Re-Introduction and Overview:

I have read several times that Jena Cuthbert had the family Bible. Does anyone have information on who Martha Marshall Booker Collier’s parents were?

I am driving myself crazy trying to solve this puzzle. We know she was from Wilkes County and DNA points to the Bookers of Wilkes Co. We just don’t know which male Booker was her father.
Thank you for any help.

The oldest Collier Family Bible that I have seen is the topic of this post “1828 Robert Marshall Collier Family Bible”.  The Bible contains no mention of Martha Marshall Booker’s ancestry.

In his genealogical research, J C Collier attempted to find out more about his grandmother, Martha Marshall Booker.  There is no evidence he was successful.  Here are file names of letters of correspondence between J C and various Bookers that represent his efforts.  The letters can be viewed in the “Bonanza for Researchers!!” post by clicking on the links to the letters and looking down the list.


One possible lead to check is suggested by some letters to and from J D Eggleston, a renowned educator and researcher who was employed by J C Collier in the 1920s.  Eggleston found documentation linking Vines Collier to the American Revolution (see “Scraps of History . . .” post).  It turns out that Eggleston was related to the Booker family.  No correspondence has been found so far that links Eggleston to Martha Marshall Booker.

Wikipedia shows that  “Dr. Eggleston became an enthusiast of Prince Edward County, Virginia history and family genealogy. His sizeable collection of notes and research on many Southside (Virginia) families can be viewed at the library of the Virginia Historical Society (VHS).[7] Eggleston was the president of the Society from 1938-1943.[8]”

The 1870 deed whereby Martha Marshall Booker Collier transferred her property to her son, Robert Marshall Collier, was originally posted in “Robert Marshall Collier’s Papers” and is presented again below.


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  • Possibilities I have looked at are Robert Booker and Martha Marshall, but I have not surfaced documentation that would prove that. Just something to look at.
    Bobby Carter

  • Brenda DiCristina

    I have not found a Robert Booker in my research. We can surmise Martha Marshall Booker came from the Wilkes County Bookers due to her wedding announcement to Robert Collier, some dna matches and also the names of her children. I can’t seem to pinpoint her parents. Let me know if you find anything else. I am currently matching dates that seem to work.

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