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June 7, 2015:  Collier Family of York County Virginia

My name is Linda Cardwell.  I have researched the Collier Family of York County Virginia for over thirty (30) years. I am a direct descendant of “a Negro girl, Rachel” as mentioned in John Collier’s 1824 Last Will and Testament, Jasper County Georgia.  Rachel was presumably daughter of Harry and Caroline as they were grouped together in the will. I have traced my family through a series of Collier Family Last Wills and Testaments beginning with Isaac Collier (1771). 
I would like request any information in regards to slaves and/or negro manifests, bill of sales, inventories and estate sales.  I’m desperately trying to locate my love ones whom were separated from us doing this period.  I’m interested in the following documents:
1692 (Mary Collier Bennett, Wife of Isaac Collyer)
* I would like to know what happened to Slave Mary and her child
*Did Charles Collier (1722) have a slave named Coleman?
*What happened to Isaac Negroes upon his death in 1771? 
* Was Harry in the 1771 will purchased from William Bryd II?
1771 Last Will and Testament of Isaac Collier
*I would like to know if the Harry mentioned in the 1771 will same as in John’s 1824 will.   
According to history, this branch of Caucasian Collier were humane and just. As evident in Isaac Collier’s Last Will and Testament in which he forbade his Negroes to come in the possession of his own son-in- law, Henry Howard.
Now, I’m asking that you continue that family tradition in helping me find out what happened to my love ones. 

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  • Linda, I have researched the descendants of Isaac Collier (1606-1682) who owned land in Elizabeth City County and have a copy of his will. Isaac seems to have come permanently to York County by 1655. His grandson, Charles Collier (1680-1753) both 350 acres there from Richard Lee. I am descended from this Charles Collier. I also have a list of the names of people enslaved by this branch of the Collier family. If you are interested in any of this, let me know.

  • Dear Linda,
    I am a descendant of John Collier of Jasper County, GA. His father was VInes Collier of York and then Brunswick County, VA. John chose not to inherit from his father Vines.
    I don’t know how John got his slaves. I have John’s list of slaves and who hired them and who in the Will of 1824 was to get them. John Collier had married a second wife Leah and she was to get most of them while she remained a widow which she did. She did move however to Newton Co. GA and died there. I have her obituary. She had her own children with her from her earlier marriage in Virginia. Do you have her will, her inventory, and etc. of these?
    As listed in the inventory of John Collier on 2 April 1825 with the person who hired them if that was mentioned:
    Robert Benton hired Negro man Gilbert; one Negro man Harry; one Negro woman Carole; one Negro man Parris; John Simmons hired Negro girl Rachel; Robert Collier hired Negro boy Abram; one Negro boy Colen; Robert Benton hired Negro girl Zemilee; Robert Collier hired Negro girl Cherry; Wm V Evans hired Negro boy Isaac; one Negro girl Malind; one Negro boy Henry; It just says Wm L Collier hired old Negros (he was John’s son and one of the executors); Thomas W Collier, another son, was the other executor of John Collier’s will.

    According to John’s will, his wife Leah was to get Negro boy Calomane, a Negro man Gilbert, Negro woman Caroline, a Negro girl Rachel, a Negro boy Isaac. As you see the will and the inventory are conflicting on what happened to the individuals.

    I don’t think this Calomane would be the same person as in the Virginia reference because of the passage of time but could have been a child named after him.

    • According to an 1870 federal. Population census, Clifton beat Wilcox Alabama, Rachel (head of household), Henry and Zembla was residing together along with. Henry’s children Norton. Lucy. Felix. Harry. Zemly. Zembla (sp) had two children. Jasper and Macklin (sp). They were still residing on the property of a J.B. Collier. Henry’s had more children after 1870: Parrish Collier (my grandfather). John Collier. James Collier. Elizabeth Colliet and Caroline Colliet. Rachel was enumerated.in1880 now residing with son Henry in Wilcox. County.

      John may inherited.his negros from his grandmother when he married in 1794. Isaac bequeathed a Negro named Harry in 1771 will not his wife. Could the be the same Harry as in John”s 1824 will or son?

      • In the 1825-26 settlement of the estate of John Collier, Jasper County, GA, his son Vines purchased the negro “boy” Abram. Vines settled in Lauderdale County, Mississippi and subsequently sold Abram/Abraham in 1839. Would you be interested in the Deed Book and page number or have you already accounted for Abram/Abraham?

        • Elaine Collier Neal

          Dear Stephanie,

          Yes I would be interested and I will share information with you on John Collier and his family. Glad to hear from you.
          Elaine Collier Neal

          • Elaine,
            I am interested in tracing John Collier’s 2nd wife, Leah. I found her in the 1850 census in Newton County, GA. Do you have the citation for her will and estate? Also, do you have her obituary and would you upload it. I have not found any documentation for their marriage…I’ve searched page by page in the Jasper county marriages for the 1814 and 1815 time period. I found the marriage record for her daughter, Christian, but not for Leah/Sarah


          • here is the citation for the deed where Vines Collier sold the enslaved person Abraham that he bought from the estate of John Collier. I will also try to upload the file. Apparently I can only load one page at a time. so I will upload the second page shorty.

            Lauderdale County, Deed Record Book B, page 27 – this is available on family search

            Attachment  1839-Deed-p1.pdf

    • Dear Elaine,
      Would you provide the citations for the will, etc of Sarah “Leah” Collier? I am a descendant of John Collier and his first wife; but I’m interested in clarifying the relationships of those associated with his second wife.


    • Hey Ronnie,
      Ironically, I’m in the library attempting to established a tracker of All the Negros owned by Isaak Collyer (aka Isaac Collier Sr.) and his heirs. Specially, the descendant of Charles>Isaac>Vines lineage. So far, I have been successful in tracking Negros owned by John Collier, Elizabeth (Josiah Smith) Collier as well as Judith (James Hicks) Collier. Although Robert Collier listed as having forty-one Negros but I could only locate the names of four and an unknown child.

      Ronnie if you have a list of Benjamin Collier’s Negros, I would greatly appreciate you sharing this information with me. My goal is to see how many of these Negro lineage still exits and how many are related (most likely through DNA testing).

      I will forever be appreciative of Elaine whom has given my family such a precious gift. She provided me the names of John Collier’s Negros. I’m the direct descendant of “Negro girl Rachel” as listed in John Collier’s 1824 Last Will and Testament. And most likely, I’m a descendant of a women “Rachel” listed in Isaac Collier’s 1771 Inventory (New Brunswick).

      Thank you so….much. Linda

      • I am looking for information about a negro male William Collier, born around 1831 in Maryland. Whatever info you can provide is appreciated. Thank you

  • Maryhelen Thompson

    I am Vines Issac Collier’s 6th great granddaughter….I would like some of all his papers too…can I get copies….My aunt had his coat of arms….had being the key word…but I’d be happy to purchase…copies of his papers

  • Maryhelen,

    Thank you for joining us! Any of the papers or photos here may be downloaded to your computer. If you have difficulty with that or want better resolution, let me know and I’ll email the items to you. If you prefer paper copies, I can arrange that, if your request is not too extensive.

    What exactly is your line from Vines Collier?


  • My 7x great-grandmother was a Mary COLLIER 1690–1765

    BIRTH CA 1690 • Calvert, Maryland, Colonial America
    DEATH JUNE 1765 • Possibly: Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

    She married George Bussey III in South Carolina in about 1710. I have no clue as to her parents!

  • Carolyn.

    Welcome and thanks for the introduction. We’re glad you found this website. Maybe someone here can fill in some blanks for you.


  • I recently discovered my ancestors were purchased by John Collier, son of Vines Collier between 1794 and 1800. My oldest known ancestors were Bette and her child Cate; Cate and her children/gchildren: Rachel, Lucy, Lydia (Broadnax), Bob and Jamey; Fanny and her children Paris and Isaac. My ancestors were found in James Parrish 1754 LWAT; John Hatley Norton 1794 LWAT: codicil; George Wythe 1787 Agreement; John Collier 1824 LWAT; estate inventory, bill of sale). Ironically, my ggGrandr Henry named his children: Norton, Lucy, Felix, Harry, Parrish (my grandfather), Zemly, John, James, Elizabeth and Catherine. If you have any additional information on my ancestors, please share.

  • Janet Butler Walker

    I’m descended from Randolph H. Collier b. c 1779 pbl VA, d. 17 Nov 1852 Monroe or Pike County, GA. He married Nancy Ann Cole abt 1818 in maybe Kershaw County, SC. Their children were: Benjamin Thomas Collier b. 1819 SC; Elizabeth C. Collier b. 1822 SC; James W. Collier b. 1824; Winifred Rebecca Collier b. 1827; Mary Ellen Collier b. 1830. His father is sometimes listed as Thomas Collier.

    Is this Collier family related to Vines Collier? Where did Randolph H. Collier get his name?

    Hoping someone has information on these Colliers!

    • Janet, just came across your request. I am also looking for info on Randolph Collier, as ai am descended from him as well. Have you learned anything more? Thank you.

  • I came across your site while researching my husband’s maternal Collier line.His Collier relatives are descended from Isaac-Isaac-Micajah-Caleb-John Vorhees-John Marion. Irvin Collier(son of John Vorhees Collier) was my husband’s maternal grandfather.Irvin’s daughter Shirley was my husband’s mother.Thanks to all who are making this research accessible! I am able to add many generations to his family line.

  • Disclaimer:I am an amateur genealogist,but based on the documented and well-researched information compiled by your members I would like to add a few possibilities of the Collier ancestry for consideration. Johannes de Liestes was sent by the mother Abbey to Selincourt.St. Pierre de Selincourt Abbey was founded in 1131 by Walter Tyrrell III(Gauthier du Thirel).He also founded Sainte Larme du Christ(Holy Tear of Christ). This information can be found on line in a book “Further Genealogical Notes on the Tyrrell -Terrell Family of Virginia” by Edwin Holland Terrell published in San Antonio,Texas in 1909.
    The Tyrrell family was well connected to nobility and royalty. Several family members went on the Crusades.
    Johannes (Colie Re) served as a bailiff or magistrate. Colie re is a Latin law term meaning to unite or reconcile.When writing a letter today we use the term RE meaning ‘ in the matter of’.
    These are just my personal observations,but they fit the historical narrative.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Email:
    My name is Chris Collier and I am trying to pick up where my grandfather left off. We have been able to trace our ancestry back to 1776 Virginia with Micajah Collier who was a baptist minister and father was a revolutionary war soldier. We believe his name was Isaac Collier but can’t be for sure. Our family was apart of the push west through Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and settling in Kansas. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    • Michael W. Collier

      This is in reply to Christopher Collier’s post from August 5, 2019.


      I am a descendent of Micajah Collier, who is likely the same person you mentioned in your post. I grew up in west-central Missouri.

      I just posted to the Collier Heritage Foundation site a study about my ancestors. You can find it at under the title “A Midwestern Collier Branch,”

      In my study I follow my Collier lineage from England to the Virginia Colony, to the Tennessee and Kentucky territories, to Indiana, and then to Missouri. Micajah Collier (1776-1849) is my 4 X great-grandfather, and his grandson, Brison P. Collier (1819-1879), my 2 X great-grandfather, was the first of my ancestors with the Collier surname to arrive in Missouri around 1865. I found one of Micajah’s sons, Richard Collier (1805-1879), moved his family from Indiana to Clarke County, Iowa, around 1854. My research found that Micajah’s father was James G. Collier (1754-1805). The rest of the details are in my study.

      We might be related.

      Mike Collier

  • Martha Hazard-Small

    I am seeking slave owner of Tom Collier of Edgefield County Sc. He married Polly? and had Marshall Collier b Sc who married Nancy ? b Sc. Their son Isaac Collier B EdgefieldSc married Vina/Viny/Vinnie/Virginia ? Edgefield County Sc. Their kids:
    Anthony or Hillary
    Adam b. Edgefield Sc 29 APR 1820 m Milly ?
    Sam m Prudence had Randall Collier
    Jim NFR
    Fabe lived in bakers GA
    Isaac and Vina lived in Augusta, Georgia in 1873. He reports that his family originally grew up in and that they lived 6 miles outside of Edgefield Sc. Isaac worked for J J Heard. Isaac Collier also lists his grand parents as Tom and Polly. He does not state whether they are paternal or maternal. This family migrated from Edgefield Sc to Richmond County Georgia and seems to have disappeared.

    • SABRINA Y. Collier- Edmonds

      Hi Martha

      The slave owner is Hillary Collier. Marshall and others are listed in his will. Hillary’s wife is Nancy Quarles. Her parents were also Collier slave owners. Many of the Colliers moved all over the place. My cousins DNA matched a decent of Marshall and we are trying to link all of the Colliers in this region now together now. However- I was able to link us to the Original Colliers from England which includes Vines. We are all related. I am matching with white and black Collier descendants.

  • I have been trying for 30 years to find parents of my great, great grandfather, Henry Collier who died in Dooly County, GA in 1840. He is listed on the same page of the 1840 Dooly census as a Dorcus Collier and a Henry Collier, Jr. I know Henry Collier, Jr. was his son. He also had a son John Collier, b. 1815, settled in GA and then migrated to Florida, a daughter Piety, who married a Crews. I have everything forward on my family, but trying to get back to my earlier ancestors. Would appreciate any help.

  • From K. Stirk:

    What a wonderful website! I have an interest in 4 orphan boys of a John Mitchell who died about 1803 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Their guardians became John and Isaac Collier, sons of Vine Collier. Do you know of any family connection or were they just good citizens taking in those in need? I just wondered if there was any kind of journals or newspaper articles from the time period in possession of the family to shed some light on this relationship. Thank you so much for any help!

    • just off the top of my head and without doing any research, I would guess their mother is a collier. have you researched to see the name of the wife of John Mitchell?

  • Elaine Collier Neal

    Dear K Stirk,
    I hope you have access to ancestry or other databases. I find that the Mitchells did marry into the Colliers but much later than this in 1803. I have found a lot on John Mitchell who died in Oglethorpe County, GA in about 1803 in Fred W McRee, Jr. Oglethorpe County, GA Inferior and Ordinary Court Records, 1794-1920, VOl. I, pp. 14, 18, 19, 24, 28 which details the Mitchell orphans. I don’t know what you already know so I think it would be better for you to contact me via email for details on your particular interest in the family.
    John Mitchell had wife Christiana; children Robert, Keith, Thomas, and James. Christiana apparently was married earlier to Tarpley Flint/Flynt and had children by him as well. Her maiden name may have been Freeman. Pls email me at

  • I am a Collier descendant My Collier research has led me to Georgia where I hit a brick wall. I have been looking for the parents of my My GGG Grandfather Jesse Collier for over ten years. Jesse was enumerated in the 1900 census and the 1910 census. He lived with his wife Katie “Kitty” Freeman and had one daughter Bertha, in Evans, Georgia, Martinez, Georgia and their last residence was in Augusta,Georgia,

    Here is my dilemma. I am unable to find information about Jesse’s parents to continue my search. As you know, birth certificates did not exist in the 1900’s. Therefore I searched for a marriage certificate,I found the certificate but there was no vital information on it. I was hoping to find some information in the 1920 census. however,I found out that Jesse died in 1919 before the 1920 census was conducted. I have no idea what city was born in or if he had any siblings.

    • Have you checked for a death certificate or obituary? What year was he born? In what county was he married? If he was born before 1880 I would check the 1880 census for the county where he was married. Also if you know any of his siblings you should research them and get death certs and obits for them.

    • if you are referring to the jessie collier who is enumerated in Richmond County, GA and is recorded as black, i did a little research to see if i could find anything…i notice in the 1900 census he was born in 1848 or 1849. do you know whether he was born in slavery? if so, finding his parents may be difficult since slaves were not enumerated by name until after the end of the CW. So, 1870 might be the first census in which he would be recorded. i checked 1870 and 1880 in richmond county but didn’t find him. i tend to think since he married in richmond county and he was there in 1900 and 1910, he could probably be there in 1870 and 1880. DNA testing might be a good option to try. if jessie was enslaved, you might search for him by sex/age on the slave schedules for richmond county to see if you find a match. then check the slave holder to see if jessie could be mentioned in a will or deed. it all depends on if he was enslaved and whether the slave holder died before jessie was freed. if jessie wasn’t enslaved, DNA testing is a good option for locating cousins and then working back.

  • From Nell Seegers
    I am a descendent of Isaac Collier, ( 1740 – 1787) from Poto Bello, Brunswick Co, VA. He was a son of Isaac Collier and a brother of Vines Collier.
    I believe he married Frances Seawell (born around 1744).
    I would like to know as much as possible about Isaac, including his occupation, community involvement, burial site, obituary and military service.
    Many Thanks!

  • The following is from Jimmy Meadows

    I’m a direct ancestor of the first Colliers in America. I had a question on Mary “Anne” Eppes. Do we know for certain she is in our line or is the only proof in our family bible? I looked at LVA and found nothing else; however, I thought something could exist further. I feel as bible records are typically true through my genealogical work but thought that i’d check.


    • Name: Elaine Collier Neal

      Epps and Collier Family Links

      Dear Mr. Meadows,
      Have you taken any DNA tests? We would love to know more about your line. I will refer only to your question about Epps. In Virginia, there is a claimed link with John Collier (1685-1735) marrying Nancy Anne Epps (3 Feb 1696-11 Nov 1765). She is said to be the daughter of Francis Epps (III) 1659-1718. This claim is apparently heavily based on a typewritten transcript of some Bible records. The Epps Family Foundation was unhappy when the members were not able to see the original Bible records and were only given the transcripts and so they are on record as questioning the link. If you are of this line, your DNA might prove or disprove the claim. I am of the Vines Collier Branch of the Collier Family in Virginia and the Epps – Collier line would connect with me only with Roger Collier (1556-1625) in England. We would love to have the transAtlantic link proven but the Epps-Collier line seems to have only daughters as surviving descendants and their interrelated families such as your Meadows. My Collier brothers do link back to Charles (1653-1722) with other Collier male descendants in the USA. Would love to hear more about your family. Thanks for writing in the site.

      Warmest regards,
      Elaine Collier Neal

      • Elaine,

        My DNA does connect me to Charles and Vines. My ancestor James Collier is supposed to be the son of John Collier and Nancy Eppes.

        Let me know what you think.

  • Hello,

    I have not taken any DNA tests but am directly linked to the Colliers through proven documentation back to James Collier, son of John and whom I presume to also be the son of Nancy “Anne” Eppes. Where is the actual bible? I made copies of the pages at the Library of Virginia but have heard it is located in NC? Does anyone know? I’m shocked there is no other proof connecting us through that line. Who wrote the original bible? Was it John’s father?

    My Collier line is the King and Queen county Colliers. I can trace it back to Thomas Collier who is presumably the son of a James Collier who is one of John Collier Nancy “Anne” Collier/Eppes. Through research there don’t appear to be any other James Colliers listed in that area and I’ve seen documentation (most likely from the family bible) stating James was one of the sons. Also, the same sources say there was another son named Henry Isham Collier who died in infancy. His presumed mother Anne Eppes father’s surname was Isham. I’m looking for any help in providing evidence past Thomas and to the Eppes connection and or locating the whereabouts of the sources/bible outside what was produced at the LVA. Do you have any idea who made the copies to add to the libraries?

    Also . The first page that I photographed says that the Bible with the info. you are most interested in was owned by a Charles Collier of Dallas, TX; and that (I presume transcribed) copies of the same information is at the DAR Library in Washington DC. The info. was published by the DAR in 1929 so I would guess that is when Charles Collier owned it. Hopefully someone knows and maybe even knows this Charles!
    Jimmy Meadows

    • The Isham and Eppes family document that their daughter Ann married William Kennon–not Charles Collier. Charles Collier married Mary Eyers (b. 1660), daughter of Robert Collier, Burgess. Their son, John, married his cousin, Ann (Nancy) Eyers. There is no documentation of the claims that John had sons, Eppes and Isham–nor any documentation of those names among descendants of John Collier of King and Queen Co. Be aware that there were two Collier families on the York River in early Virginia–and a Wm. Collier at Plymouth, Mass. Isaac and descendants (including a Charles) at what would later be Porto Bello, but Charles (son of William and Sallie) settled in New Kent/King & Queen Co. See the Collier/Colyar/Wyatt/Brooke/Plantangent Tree in ancestry.

      • Tina,

        I’d love to connect if you have an email I can address. I’m having a lot of trouble tracing my ancestry passed James Collier who is the son of John (I believe). James is my great x grandfather and his son Thomas Collier (Lt. Revolutionary War) is also my grandfather. Do you have anything that can show John’s sons or father?

      • Tina – quick follow up for you.

        Do you know anything about Thomas and his father James Collier? They were from King and Queen / Gloucester, VA and I’ve traced back to Thomas son of James both being my grandfathers and I can’t get past them so was looking for help from anyone. Thomas served as a 2nd LT (not to be confused with the militia Thomas Collier) and was awarded a land bounty.

  • Looking for Information on Terah Cleo Collier Family

    On the Genealogy of the Collier Family by C. I.Collier, page 12 the last page, Terah Cleo Collier was my granddad. The 1st child 1 Ralph Edison Collier was my dad. Do you have any more of this family? My dad died in 1976.


  • Elaine Collier Neal

    Dear Debbie, This site has lots about your family but it may be hard to keep the generations in order.
    Your grandfather Terrah Cleo Collier (1888-1978) was the son of Monroe Minton Collier (1843-1909) and Monroe was the son of Charles Pinkney Collier (1799-1868) and Charles was the son of John Collier (1767-1825) and John was the son of Vines Collier (1735-1795); Vines was an American Patriot from Virginia.
    Charles Ira Collier who wrote the pamphlet you mentioned is a brother of your grandfather Terrah.
    I think most records spell Terrah with two “r”. Do you have any pictures or family items you would like to share with others on this site? Glad you found us Collier Cousins. D you want anything specific about your family? Warmest regards, Elaine Collier Neal

  • I read a post from Shirley Trayford asking for information on the Collier family in Carbondale PA. I am a descendent from the Collier family in Carbondale. Shirley, please feel free to contact me. My Name is
    William Collier.

  • It is important to realize that there were, at least, two Collier families (and, apparently, two Charles Colliers) in early Virginia. I apologize; my great aunt, Elizabeth Richardson Benagh, was responsible for much of the confusion. She and my great, great grandmother claimed relationships based solely on the name Collier. No, we are not descended from Robert Collier with the coat of arms. According to Her Majesty’s Herald, that line died out completely in the 1700s. No, we have no documented connection to the British Admiral Collier in the Revolutionary War. Information from Madge Barefield, Prof. Brown Goode, and Stella Pickens Hardy is unreliable.
    Isaac Collier lived on the peninsula between the James and York Rivers, until he moved inland late in life. This family married the Vines and Myhill and Lockey families. According to the list of marines/soldiers on Admiral Vernon’s Cartegena Expedition, two sons of those families sailed to Cartegena. The house would have been named Porto Bello as a result. The land records are largely destroyed, but a Vines Collier’s will states it was written at Porto Bello. A descendant in that line was Lockey Collier, a slave trader so horrid that he was tortured and killed by several of his slaves. Some of those were hanged: Mingo, Rachel, Cain, Davey, and Jack (say their names), documented by the Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia at 116. His estate was awarded 1,850 in 1778 (available on Google Books). Other information regarding Lockey is available online and in Ken Collier’s book, The Great Wound.
    The second family (my line) was that of Charles Collier (possibly son of William) in New Kent/King & Queen Co. at the head of the York River. This line has no documented connection with Porto Bello. There is no contemporary documentation of Charles’ father. Charles married Mary, , daughter of Robert Eyres/Ayres. His son, John, married, first, Ms Ballard, then, Elizabeth Ironmonger Gaines, and lastly, Ann (Nancy) Eyers/Eyres (a cousin). There are contemporaneous wills, documenting some of these connection. I am descended from Robert’s son, John, who married a cousin, Ann Eyres. John’s con, Cornelius married Elizabeth Wyatt (descended from Rev. Hawte Wyatt, brother of Sir Francis Wyatt, first governor of VA–and so, lots of earlier, fancy folks). They moved to southern Virginia, then to Abbeville, SC. Cornelius and his sons fought in the Revolution–one fell at Eutaw Springs. My ancestors then moved to Madison Co., AL, where they displaced the Creek Indians and fought in the Red Stick War.

  • From Heather
    Hi! I am a descendant of Merrell Collier and Elizabeth Ward through their daughter, Malinda P. Collier Rawlings. I am trying to locate proof of the father of Merrell & Meredith. Do you have access to a document that would prove this or anyone or any place I could acquire such documentation? Thank you so much!

  • Hello all!

    My name is Lucille. I’m pretty young (16) and out of contact with a lot of my extended family so researching has been hard for me. I figured out a few months ago that my great grandmother was Ruby Cleo Collier (1915-2010) of Texas (married to James Earl Elliott 1908-1994 of Texas and New Mexico). Her parents were Clarence Mitchell Collier of Texas and Colorado (1874-1947) and Edna Elizabeth Smith (1876-1958). Past that things get a little bit murky.

    It is my understanding that Clarence Mitchell Collier’s father was Robert Redding Collier, married to an Elizabeth Sawyer. I only see Clarence mentioned on records that involve Elizabeth. However, I often find reference to a Robert Redding Collier married to a Mary Elizabeth Aultman. I’m trying to determine if both Robert Reddings are the same person, and he possibly married twice. I can find no reference to Mary Elizabeth and Robert Redding anywhere near each other, is the only reason I’m a bit hesitant. I know for certain that I was related to a Robert Redding, because we have photos of him in my ggrandmother’s album and his name is listed. There may be more information in those albums, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have access to them for a couple of months.

    So my question is, does anyone have any idea if Robert Redding Collier was married twice, once to an Elizabeth (or maybe just Eliza) Sawyer and then again to a Mary Elizabeth Aultman?

    I think it is a good possibility, but I was hoping someone else may have some more definitive evidence.

    Thanks so much!


  • This is probably from Elmer Collier’s book.

    See page 183 of 411 or page 176.

    ROBERT REDDING COLLIER (EFFORD COBB, ROBERT,VINES, ISAAC, CHARLES, ISAAC, ROBERT, THURSTON COLLYER, ROBERT, JAMES COLEIRE, ROBERT) was born 29 January 1851 in Upson Co., GA, died 14 December 1925 in Lometa, TX. He married (1) ELIZABETH SAWYER 22 January 1872 in Brazos Co., TX. She died Abt. 1876 in TX. He married (2) MARY ELIZABETH AULTMAN 10 July 1879 in Williamson Co., TX She was born 25 November 1861 in TX, and died 16 February 1928 in Lometa, TX.

  • Posted by CHF for Alan:

    Hi there,

    My name is Alan and I have been heavily researching my fathers side of family genealogy recently, after seeing the Collier name coming from England with seemingly deep roots I focused my attention there and stumbled upon your foundation.

    I was wondering if you could help verify that we are talking about the same Colliers, and share any cool information you may have about these descendants.

    Mary Polly Collier from Rockingham Virginia is my 5th Great Grandmother, connected as follows

    Me > William Charles Rodgers > William Samuel Rodgers >George Samuel Rodgers > Hyrtle Edward Rodgers > George Edward Rodgers > William Jefferson Rodgers > MARY POLLY COLLIER > MARTIN ALFRED COLLIER > WILLIAM COLLIER > > JOHN S COLLIER SR > CHARLES COLLIER > WILLIAM COLLIER> not sure

    I really appreciate any time you may expend on this 🙂

  • Michael W Collier


    See my study on a Midwestern Collier Branch published on this web site the day after your comment. It discusses the linkages between William (page 91), Charles (page 91), John Sr. (page 104), and William (page 104).

    Hope this helps.

  • I first want to thank you for the development of this website!

    Second, I am seeking assistance with information about the 80 slaves listed as being owned by J.J. Collier in the 1860 Slave Census of Dooly County, Georgia.

    I’ve traced a relative, Ellis Collier (Black, Male) to Dooly County in the 1870 Census, where he is listed as 60 years of age.

    Upon reviewing the Dooly County Slave Schedule for 1860, I see that J.J. Collier owner 80 slaves, with only one of the individuals being a 40 year old Black male.

    This led me to do a little research on J.J. Collier from Dooly County, GA., which brought me to your website.

    The Slave Schedule can be found here, starting on page 43 of the PDF:

    I’ve also attached the 1850 Census document with information about J.J. Collier and family. I see there are a lot of branches, so this may assist with triangulation of names.

    Again, thank you for any insight and assistance that you can provide.


  • Hi, I’m looking for the parents of my 3rd g grandpa Henry M Collier b. Oct 8,1827 in Missouri .. d. Feb 3,1908 in Illinois

    He married in 1850 to Sarah Ann Suggs 1834-1911 d/o Moses Suggs & Nancy Norvell

    They had 8 children: George Franklin Collier 1851, Nancy Jane Collier 1860 md her cousin William Isaac Suggs 1854 (my Line) , William Clayton Collier 1861, Mary Matilda Collier 1863,Joseph Collier 1865, Virginia Collier 1868, John Collier 1875, & Ema May Collier 1877..

    Tyvm Everyone for any help , I’m desperate for a lead. Been a mystery for a long time.

  • From: Mary Elizabeth
    Title: Mary “Polly” Collier
    Post Write-Up:

    Does anyone have any information on Vines Collier & Sarah Elizabeth “Salley” Williamson’s daughter, Mary “Polly” Collier, born 07 December 1787 Brunswick County, Virginia, died 12 November 1867 in Monroe County, Georgia. She married John Hardeman Owen 19 December 1803 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. I am also interested in her daughter, Dorothy Hardaman Owen, who married Edward Smith, on 29 May 1828 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

  • Lillian Maurine Collier’s Items

    Of possible interest to followers of this website is this message from the archivist at the library for the Village of Capitan, New Mexico.

    We recently acquired a box of books including:

    “The New Hudson Shakespeare “As You like it” owned by Lillian Maurine Collier of Carrizozo, NM dated Sept. 1, 1906. Would this be in interest you to you. We can provide pictures if desired.

    I was just handed another book for Lillian Maurine Collier. Pride and Prejudice with notes in front of it apparently by her that read “all I want is a ring and a handmade teddy”. Another handwriting says “I didn’t tell him” to which the first writer replied “he is dumb”.

    You may obtain more information by contacting:
    Peggy Wilson

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