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  • I descend from the Efford Cobb Collier line that moved to Texas. My dad got extensively into genealogy in the 80’s and compiled a large document of the family line in Texas and some of Efford’s siblings that he obtained from Georgia distant relatives doing the same thing. It must be a descendant of Jena Cuthbert Collier as there is an extensive section.

    I’ve been putting all this work into Family Search, scanning photos and have even scanned most of his volume.

    The articles here are very interesting but I haven’t found any “trees” of family data. Are there?

    Is there interest in the “Texas” cousins and how could I best share it?

  • Welcome! And thanks for your interest and inquiry. Efford C. Collier was the son of Robert Collier, and the grandson of Vines Collier. One of Efford’s siblings was Robert Marshall Collier. Robert Marshall was the father of Isaac Cuthbert Collier and the grandfather of Jena Cuthbert Collier. So, Efford C. would have been Jena’s great-uncle.

    If you haven’t done so, please take a look at the archived posts for January and
    February 2015. The post entitled “Background” tells how this site was started. I think it will be helpful moving forward for there a lot of things to post and tie together for your Texas branch. In short, Jena and Elmer (a descendant of Efford C.) separately sought out their ancestry. Jena made a least one trip to Texas to introduce himself to his relatives descended from Efford C. There was much correspondence between the two lines and CHF has many of the letters. Many of the them date to the 1920s and are no doubt to or from your ancestors or relatives.

    I am excited to have you join this website for I was hoping to attract the interest of the Central Texas line. There is much to share. I am in East Texas and also a descendant of Vines Collier through his son, Williamson.

    I will try to post something of specific interest in the next few days Please “subscribe” so you will be notified. Also, if you will select “contact” at the top of the page and send an email I will provide additional information.

    Glen Collier

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