New question from Researcher RE: Ancestry of Myhil and Tabitha Harrison Collier

Ancestry of Myhil (son of Isaac and Anne Vines Collier) and Tabitha Harrison Collier

Researching lineage of Myhill and Tabitha Harrison Collier.  Looking at Wikipedia re: Darlaston Hall near Stone, Staffordshire, England.  Wiki mentions the hall being leased by Jacobus Colyar prior to 1503 and then leased by his son Robert Colyar.  The Colyar of Darlaston pedigree found in The Visitation of Staffordshire A.D. 1583 pg. 64 also states that Jacobus was father to Rob’tus Colyar de Darlaston.  What do you make of this?  I have not found anyone claiming Jacobus.

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Linda Bennet


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  • Never mind!!!! Found out that James is an English form of the Latin Jacobus meaning to hold the heel. Oh well back to the drawing board.

    Linda Bennett

  • I have been doing a lot of research and have traces my lineage back from current to Jacobus. In some places I found the surname to be Colie’re or Collyar. My paternal line eventually went to Virginia, Georgia, and the Alabama.

    • Hello James,

      I have tried in vain to establish a connection between Isaac the immigrant to Robert Colyar of Darlaston. Some family trees say Isaac is the son of Robert Collyer, pewterer of London and Margery Straunge. I have proof this is false as this Robert was deceased before Isaac was born. This Robert’s will was probated January 28, 1577. Isaac was born about 1606. I have also researched Rober Collyer who married Margaret Beighton Revell, but have no proof they are the parents of Isaac, his brother John and sister Mary. Any documentation you have proving lineage would be appreciated.

      Linda Bennett

      • There appears to be several Robert’s over the years. My information is from othe family trees that have been posted. I saw Issac, born 1606, to be the son of Robert (1556 – 1625). That Issac eventually went from England to York VA.

        I could not see the will that you posted.

      • Linda

        Here is some text I found in a history of the Collier’s. It is from 1999.

        “In the year 1503, two years before his death, Robert and Isabella moved to
        Darlaston Manor. Robert and his son Thurston leased Darlaston Manor, in the
        county of Staffordshire, from Thomas Whalley, then in 1537, Robert’s son, James,
        purchased the manor from Richard Whalley. Except for a brief time when Robert’s
        great grandson, James Collier, sold the manor to his father-in-law in 1597 and
        until James’s son, Francis, repurchased it from his grandfather in 1597, there
        was a Coliére as Lord of Darlaston for over 180 years. A
        great-great-great-great- grandson, James Coliére sold Darlaston to William
        Jervis in 1685.
        Robert Coliére de Darlaston’s great-great-great-grandson Isaac
        Collyer/Collier Sr. emigrated to America between 1653 and 1670, settling in York
        Co., Virginia. Isaac was my wife’s G-G-G-G-G- G-Grandfather.

        The details I have are sketchy and there are a few improbable dates. I would
        also like to contact researchers of the English Colliers.

        Vaughn Ballard

    • Issac (the immigrant) and Vines Sr are I my line. Vines had a son named John. John had a son named Thomas W.

      Thomas has a son named Virgil (my great grandfather). Virgil had a son named Rogers. Rogers had a son named James (my father).

      This site has been very helpful in tracing my roots back to the 1400’s in France.

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