Request of Researchers: Is David W Collier and Dickey W Collier the Same Person?

The following is from Elaine Collier Neal.  Any relevant information would be appreciated.

Researchers of the Vines Collier family are trying to establish proof that David W Collier is the son of Cuthbert Collier (Vines’ son) and his wife Nancy Dickey.  There is information on Dickey W Collier (born 17 Jul 1808 — died 1 Sep 1871) is his son and there is evidence that Dickey W Collier may be the same person as David W Collier.  He may have used Dickey as a nickname and his actual name may have been David.

Evidence of these two being the same person is that if Dickey is in the census, David is not, and when David is in the census, Dickey is not.  Pointing to an alternating use of the two names.  Confusing the issue is the fact that Dickey apparently married four times.  Are there any Bible records of this branch of the family?

Researchers are asked to contribute to this discussion.


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