Robert Collier, son of Vines & Elizabeth Collier

Josh Rhodes Cleans off the Grave of Robert Collier
Josh Rhodes, g-g-g-g-great grandson of Vines Collier cleans the dirt off the grave of Robert Collier in 2012.

From The History of Lamar County (Lambin, 1932), we find that Robert Collier, son of Vines and Elizabeth Williamson Collier was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia in 1783.  He died in Upson County in 1850.  Robert was married to Martha Marshall Booker in 1806.    He “was one of the most influential and prominent men in middle Georgia.  He took part in the organization of Upson County, as shown in the records;  was the first representative to the General Assembly of the state, serving for two terms, and later was elected to the State Senate, being honored as the first senator in the history of the county.  Records show that he was prominent  in an educational way, and was one of the largest landowners of this section.  There were eight children born to this union:

1. Edith Louisa, m. Sharman; 2. William Vines, m. Elizabeth Lamar Smead, of Columbus Georgia; 3. Sarah smith, m. William Parham, of Talbotton, and then Judge Lovett; 4. Efford Cobb, moved to Texas; 5. Mary Booker, m. John Miniphee, of Alabama; 6. Robert Marshall; 7. Isaac Cuthbert, of Macon, Georgia; 8. Frances Elizabeth, m. Jack Evans, of Columbus, Georgia.”

Robert and Martha Collier came to Upson County in 1824 as the County was being formed.  As a prelude to his later political contributions, Robert served as one of the earliest Justices of the Peace in Upson County, as evidenced by his signature on the following legal document dated July 10, 1828.

robert collier doc


My no doubt flawed transcription follows.

Georgia UpsonTo2Robert and Martha settled in an area south of The Rock, Georgia and lived there until their death.  Robert died in 1850 and Martha died in 1875 at the age of 97.  Both are buried on the land known as the “Collier Place”.

Jena Cuthbert (J. C.) Collier), great-grandson of Robert Collier, visited the site of the Robert Collier Plantation in 1929 and took the following pictures.

Grave of Robert Collier
J.C. Collier in 1929 at the grave of his great-grandfather, Robert Collier.  J. C. purchased the land comprising the cemetery.


Robert Collier House 2 - 1929
House of Robert and Martha Collier. Photograph taken by J. C. Collier in 1929.

Notes on the following photographs show they were taken December 13, 1943.  The photos were found in the desk of J. C. Collier, and he is assumed to be the gentleman in the pictures.  J. C. Collier died the following year in 1944.

Robert Collier House 2  - 1943

Robert Collier House - 1943

In 2012, members of the Collier Heritage Foundation found the burial site of Robert Collier three hundred yards from the plantation home shown in the pictures.  By that time the house had collapsed and little remained but the brick chimneys.  The small cemetery was unmaintained but in good condition as it was protected by a canopy of large trees.  At least a dozen graves were identified.  One grave was marked with a cairn of bricks while the rest were marked with field stones.  No grave marker bore a visible inscription.

The following year, in 2013, the Collier Heritage Foundation marked the cemetery with this monument.

Robert Collier Marker


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    • I’m also 6th generation grand daughter to Vines. My father has done extensive research on our family. We should connect.

      Rebecca (Collier) Page

  • My name is Leo Geiger ,I spent my first seven years of school in Piedmont Lamar CO. I am the grand son of Anna Collier Geiger and great grand son of Ben and cythia Collier ,iknew j.c. Collier personnelly , but heard about Mr Gena and I think isaac Collier . knew mrs cason real well . my mother is buried in Piedmont and we often wondered if there were any colliers around . these are people I heard my elderly family talk about , I am 72 yrs old and left Piedmont in 1954 but attended school until 1956 . thanks , good history .

    • Thanks for your message and welcome to our website. There is more to come about Jena Cuthbert (J.C.) Collier and Piedmont. We’d love to hear any history you can provide us.

  • Correction, knew D.C C collier personnelly , we always said Mr dulber . Heard lots of stories about Mr jc Collier . And about and aunt Jennie being his nurse when he died.and how could not know Mr jc Collier, when my brother and I knocked the back door off his Packard, u see he was out at my grandfather Walter Geiger and Anna Collier Geiger house one night as many times he would come out and stop
    By. As we left ahead of him , we saw these lights and thought he was our cousin’s and decided to play this swerving game but Mr Collier was not up on game . So that’s how he lost back door. And all that Mr. Collier could say was : y’all gonna pay for this, y’all gonna pay for this ” . Gin was gone, remains of big store was there with side walk in front, train still ran, depot was active in early child hood . Huge gin wells was there with wood covers worked as a kid on no.2 farm beautiful place to be raised . Played and fished on “STRESCH”(where little potato and big potato Creek meets). Have pictures of great grandpa Ben and cythia Collier, who left Piedmont no.2 farm in the 30,s and resided in Chattanooga Tennessee. Also picture of grandpa Walter and Anna Collier Geiger who lost house by fire in 1959 and moved to barnesville. Excited about some kind of monument, had inquired about trying to put something out there.

  • nice job gg grandson of Arteamus collier from Wetumpka al relation to vines collier note .. very large collier cemetary in Wetumpka some 1700s.

  • I am a descendant of one of the slave families your family owned: The Minitees/Minitae. Im searching for information. Would you be willing to help?

    • Brenda DiCristina

      Sheronda, I descend from Vines Collier to Robert Collier – then I am off in another direction. If you need any help on those two lines, I would be happy to help you.

  • I think I am a descendant of one of the slave families owned by Robert Collier. John and Vinnie Collier. John was born about 1812. Does enyone have any information on the slaves they owned.

    • SaTtice, I’m Vines 6th gen grandauther. Have always been interested in my heritage. I live in Atlanta with our 4 kids and would so enjoy helping piece our family. Feel free to call me. It would be great to connect.


  • I think I am a descendant of one of the slave families owned by Robert Collier, John and Vinnie Collier. John was born about 1812. Does anyone have any information on the slaves they owned?

  • Hello, my name is Bailey Collier of Ohio. Grandson of Larry Collier from West Virginia! Not sure if there’s any direct connection with any of y’all but cool page to read!

  • I have just heard of a Collier Plantation in East Texas, somewhere north Livingston, Texas. My great great grandfather was a Lt COL for the south.
    Anyone know of a Texas plantation owned by Collier’?

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