Robert Marshall Collier, son of Robert & Martha Marshall Booker Collier

Grave of Robert Marshall Collier, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Piedmont (Lamar County), Georgia. The plantation of Robert Marshall Collier surrounded the cemetery.

Robert Marshall Collier was a grandson of Vines and Elizabeth Collier of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.  He married Amanda F. Greene Dec. 24, 1835, and they had the following children: 1) Robert Thomas, 2) Martha, 3) Mary Fletcher, 4) Isaac Cuthbert, 5) William Vines, 6) Louisa Marshall, and 7) Amanda Virginia.

Amanda F. (Greene) Collier died in 1864.  Robert Marshall Collier’s Bible shows he married Susan Jane Whatley of Upson County, Georgia on Oct. 20, 1865.

Robert Marshall Collier was a pioneer planter who became one of the largest plantation owners in middle Georgia.  He was also the grandfather of Jena Cuthbert (J. C.) Collier.  Below is a photograph of the house of Robert Marshall Collier taken December 12, 1943.  The gentleman on the lawn is J. C. Collier.  The girl is his granddaughter, June Cason.

pic 6


pic 7
Here is a photograph of the rear of the house, taken at the same time (Dec. 12, 1943). J. C. Collier is the gentleman on the left.

In 2003, I set out to locate the home built by Robert Marshall Collier over 150 years earlier.  Information said it was at The Rock and was recognizable by its several chimneys and figure 8 railing around the porch.  I found it just north of the railroad near the main intersection at The Rock.


House built by Robert Marshall Collier as it appeared in 2003. Note the figure 8 railing and several chimneys in the first picture.

By 2009, the house had been remodeled and the chimneys and characteristic railing had been removed.

The house built by Robert Marshall Collier as it appeared in 2012.



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  • Hi,

    Do you know when Robert Marshall Collier bought the house in The Rock? I own and am restoring the large house across the street, and am researching the surrounding area. I found a deed for the Collier house from 1869 from W L Carmichael to Robert M Collier. I can find no earlier deeds in the Collier name. This is a bit surprising because I had assumed he owned the house since it was new. I am also assuming that the house was built in the 1830’s as it’s an almost exact match for the James Anderson house just up the street, next to The Rock Ranch, it having been built in the 1830’s.

    I am interested in any information you may have on The Rock in general. I have not been able to find an old picture of my house yet.


  • Jason,

    Thanks for your interest. CHF has boxes of deeds, many of which have not been inventoried and scanned. There are also many documents that relate to The Rock. These will eventually be scanned and posted. Meanwhile, if you will sign up for blog notifications at the top right side of this page, it will provide your email address and I can let you know what we have. There are no solicitations that result from signing up.

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks, I just signed up. I would love to see whatever you have on the area!

    I tried posting the deed in my original comment but it kept failing. I tried again and still no luck.


  • It took me a bit to figure out. I am a direct descendant of Robert Marshall Collier. When Robert married his second wife Jane, he had three children one being Robert M Collier Jr. Robert Jr had children one being born in 1902 or 1903 as Robert M Collier my great grandfather. He had 3 children with his wife (Katherine Davis Collier) one being my awesome grandmother Katherine Elizabeth Collier. It took me forever to figure out because not much is mentioned about his children with his second wife, as his children from his first wife went into the businesses etc. I’ve always felt I had a connection to Georgia (I’m a native Floridian) and I’m so glad I know why now! 😅 I’m so proud of my Collier heritage. Now I know where I get my entrepreneurial spirit from!

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