Robert Marshall Collier’s Papers

Robert Marshall Collier became one of the largest plantation owners in middle Georgia.  Here is a deed dated Dec. 1, 1858 where RMC acquired 201-1/2 acres from Williams Harp for a price of $1,050.00.

1858_12_01_Deed 202 acres from William Harp ro RMC_Page_1

Within a few months he is documented as buying another 100 acres from the Harp Estate.  The price was $600.00.

1859_07_05_Deed to RMC re 100 acres William Harp Estate_Page_1 1859_07_05_Deed to RMC re 100 acres William Harp Estate_Page_2

Robert Thomas Collier, son of Robert Marshall and Amanda F. Collier, was born Dec. 7, 1837.  Robert Thomas was married to Sarah E. Stafford on May 6, 1856.  He enlisted in the Woodson Guards, Company I, 32d Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee, C.S.A., as a private on May 7, 1862.  Records show he died in Savannah prior  to February 17, 1863.  Measles is listed as the cause of death.

Robert Marshall settled the Estate of his son, Robert Thomas, in 1876, as shown by these two documents.

1876_01_03_Robert T Collier Estate Appraisal 1876_01_03_RTC Estate legal doc fees

As Jena Cuthbert Collier put together his family’s history, he sought information from those who had served with his uncle, Robert Thomas Collier.  Here is the January 26, 1923 reply to his inquiry from an aging Confederate veteran.

1923_01_26_Ltr D W Lewis to JCC re Robert Thomas Collier CSA_Page_1

And the transcription:

1923_01_26_Ltr D W Lewis to JCC re Robert Thomas Collier CSA_Page_2


Robert Marshall Collier was deeded the land holdings of his mother, Martha Marshall Booker Collier (daughter-in-law of Vines and Elizabeth Collier), before she passed away.    Here is the deed that transferred the property in 1870.

deed Martha Marshall Booker Collier to RMC page 1red

deed Martha Marshall collier to RMC page 2red

After the death of Martha Marshall Booker Collier, Robert Marshall Collier administered her estate.

1876_10_02_Ltr of Adminsitration RMC for Martha Collier Estate

1877_10_20_Notice of Appraisement to RMC re Martha Collier Estate

This document shows the portion of the estate received by Edith Louisa (Collier) Sharman, sister of Robert M. Collier.

1877_10_31_Martha M Collier Estate to Edith Louisa Sharman

In 1881, Robert Marshall Collier partnered with Thomas Black to purchase the rights to use a patented Gin Saw Filing Machine.1881_05_30_Gin Saw Filing Machine to RMC and Thomas Black

Here is a list of items sold from the Jas. G. Whatley Estate.  Robert Marshall Collier’s second wife was Susan Jane Whatley.  Many of the items at the sale were purchased by Robert Marshall Collier.

Estate Sale List_Whatley_Page_1Estate Sale List_Whatley_Page_2Estate Sale List_Whatley_Page_3Estate Sale List_Whatley_Page_4








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  • It’s amazing how just a mere piece of paper (or onion skin 🙂 can encapsule so much history and knowledge of our ancestors. The document showing the rights to use the saw filling machine is like artwork…what a find!

  • I read the June 15, 2015 issue of Collier Heritage and was glad to see the information about Robert Thomas Collier. I had wondered where his death date of June 29, 1862, originated. The Confederate record just list it as prior to Feb 17, 1863. I am very interested in any information on Robert Thomas Collier and his son Robert Thomas, as my wife is a descendant of Robert Thomas Collier. If anyone has information on this line please contact me. Thanks.

  • Tom,
    Thank you for your inquiry. We are grateful you have found something here of interest to you.

    The date came from the handwritten letter of D. W. Lewis (above) in response to an inquiry from J C Collier. Lewis apparently served with Robert Thomas Collier. His response to J C was written in 1923, some 60 years after Robert Thomas’ death, so that should be considered in assessing its accuracy. There may be other relevant information still to be found in the papers of Robert Marshall Collier. We will keep your interest in mind.

    If your wife is a descendant of Robert Thomas Collier, she may also be interested in documents related to the Staffords, which was the maiden name of Robert Thomas’ wife. There many Stafford papers which have not yet been inventoried. If you are interested please send me an email at and I can send a you few items that may not be posted here for some time.

    Meanwhile, please “SUBSCRIBE” here so that you can follow our posts.

    Glen Collier

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