Robert Marshall, Isaac Cuthbert, Jena Cuthbert Collier

1898_08_17_Receipt for Estate items_IC Collier from RMC Estate

The Estate of Robert Marshall Collier was settled by his grandson, Jena Cuthbert (J C) Collier.  At the estate sale, many of the items were purchased by Isaac Cuthbert (I C) Collier, son of the deceased.


Here is list of items sold.  It appears the total purchased by I C were more than shown on the above receipt.

Estate Sale List_Page_1

Estate Sale List_Page_2


  • If Jena is an executor of the estate, he is paid by the estate some percentage (3 -6 percent), so he would have a credit of x dollars and the difference (overage) in the receipt might be his fee.

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