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Howdy and welcome to the CHF Website.  The website is just in its infancy but I believe it can quickly become a focal point for learning and sharing our Collier family history.  CHF was intially established by the descendants of Vines Collier  to preserve various Collier burial sites and locations of family interest.  The organization successfully brought many family members together to celebrate and preseve our heritage, and new relationships were formed.  Through these new relationships, a wealth of Collier genealogical and historical information became available.

I hope to disseminate this information freely using this website.  One will be able to download photos and documents and provide comments and input for discussion.  I also hope to solicit help in transcribing some of the hundreds, if not thousands, of documents and also garner support for this effort.

That’s enough of the introduction.  Now enjoy some of the lures I’m posting with a promise for more later.

Glen A. Collier

Vines>Williamson>Robert Terrell>Absalom Terrell>Alton Terrell>Buford Alton>Glendon Alton Collier

Original portion built by Vines Collier about 1785
The Collier-Howard House.  Original portion built by Vines Collier about 1785


vines house 1
Photograph of the Collier-Howard House taken by Jena Cuthbert Collier in the 1920’s.
Marker for the Grave of Vines Collier



ceremony 3
Unveiling of DAR Marker for Grave of Vines Collier, July 1932


Model for “The Collier Cut” Underwear
Advertisement for Collier Cut Underwear, Manufactured in Canada
Handwritten Notes from Genealogist Hired by Jena Cuthbert Collier in the 1910s, page 25, First Page of the American Line


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