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Marker for Collier Alley, Barnesville, Georgia
Marker for Collier Alley, Barnesville, Georgia

In February 2016, the Collier Heritage Foundation website was one year old.  The website was begun to collect and disseminate information about Collier family history.  For Year One, I think we have been successful.  Here are some of the highlights of our work as I see them.

  • Made public three extensive Collier genealogies:  1) contracted by Jena Cuthbert Collier, 2) complied by Elmer Collier, and 3) complied by Barbara Vines Little and contracted by Elaine Collier Neal.  If you missed any of these, check the “Recent Posts” or “Archives” sections.
  • Posted correspondence relating to the “discovery” of the burial place of Vines Collier.
  • Exhibited photos not seen since 1944 of the dedication of the Vines Collier monument.
  • Posted pages from Collier family Bibles.
  • Provided geo-referenced locations of the plantations of Charles Collier and Thomas Vines near Yorktown, Virginia.
  • Posted some of the Confederate history of the Colliers.
  • Posted numerous historical Collier photographs.

A word of caution in regard to three genealogies or any family history posted here.  Genealogical information from different sources may be contradictory.  It doesn’t necessarily mean one is correct and one isn’t.  Maybe there is just not enough of the right information.  Regardless, our job here is not to decide what is accurate or inaccurate but to put the information out for review and discussion.

Emails and private correspondence tells me we are bringing together Colliers from around the country.  However, the site has only 27 followers and only has received 4 public comments.  In the previous year, the site had almost 3500 views, which is an average of about 9.5 per day.  The biggest day ever was in August 2015, with 115 view in a single day.  It seems apparent we have many more “views” than “followers” or “subscribers”.  Perhaps the feeling is that by “subscribing”, you will get an unwanted deluge of messages and ads.   Be assured, this is not the case.  You will only be notified by email of a new posting.  Please “subscribe”.  More subscribers would make the effort to produce this website more worthwhile.  I also invite you to introduce yourself on our Message Board.  And comments about this website or any post are invited, welcomed, and appreciated!

Glen Collier



  • I think my favorite post from the past year was the one that showed where the Collier plantations were located using aerial photos from Google maps. It’s neat to see how the real estate has been developed and changed since those days. When I was in Yortown and driving around York County back in 2009, I remember wondering if I had been on what was once some of the old Collier land. Now, I know! In fact, my souvenir from that trip was a water bottle full of dirt I collected and labeled ‘York county Virginia’. Thanks 4 your work on the website and family history.

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