The Search for the Grave of Vines Collier


Jena Cuthbert Collier, the only son of Isaac Cuthbert Collier, became more interested in his family history after the death of his father.  He knew his ancestors had moved to Upson County from Oglethorpe County, Georgia and that they had lived near Old Salem Church.  In 1924, J. C. sent the following letter to “the nearest resident of Old Salem Church”.

Ltr_JCC to nearest resident_09121924

Apparently the letter found its way to Mr. John S. Bacon, who took the inquiry seriously.  Mr. Bacon did his research and responded.

Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_12191924_Page_1Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_12191924_Page_2Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_12191924_Page_3Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_12191924_Page_4

Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_12191924_Page_5Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_12191924_Page_6

Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_12191924_Page_7

Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_12191924_Page_8

A probably excited J. C. Collier wrote back in less than a week.  I have not found any pages of the letter that might have come after the first page.

Ltr_JCC to JSBacon_12241924

Here is a June 8, 1925 letter from John S. Bacon to J. C. Collier (original and JCC copy).  It is interesting to note the original envelope was postmarked Lexington and is self-addressed to J. C. Collier.  I found J. C. often provided self-addressed stamped envelopes with his inquiries.

Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_06081925_Page_1Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_06081925_Page_2Ltr_JSBacon to JCC_06081925_Page_3TransLtr_JSBacon to JCC_06081925

Nov. 30, 1928 letter from J. C. Collier to E. T. Howard (1928 owner of the house original built by Vines Collier).

Ltr_JCC to ETHoward_11301928_Page_1

Ltr_JCC to ETHoward_11301928_Page_2

Dec. 1, 1928 letter from J. C. Collier to John S. Bacon:

Ltr_JCC to JSBacon_12011928

April 2, 1931 letter from J. C. Collier to E. T. Howard:

Ltr_JCC to ETHoward_04021931

June 10, 1932 letter from E. T. Howard to J. C. Collier:

Ltr_ETHoward to JCC_06101932_Page_1

Ltr_ETHoward to JCC_06101932_Page_2

J. C. Collier’s efforts resulted in a DAR marker being placed at the grave of Vines Collier in June 1932.  On June 29, 1932, J. C. sent the following letter to E. T. Howard:

Ltr_JCC to ETHoward_06291932

June 5, 1934, letter from Frances Howard to J. C. Collier:

Ltr_FHoward to JCC_06051934

Here are two memos from J. C. Collier’s files regarding information obtained from Mr. Bacon and the “Old Vines Collier Place”.

Memo from Bacon Interview_06301932_Page_1

Memo from Bacon Interview_06301932_Page_2


Memo RE Old Vines Collier Place_051934

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