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Welcome to the updated Collier Heritage Foundation website!  Look around and let us know how you like some of the new features.  We’ve added “Regions” for those doing genealogical work in specific areas and a restricted (requiring membership) “DNA” category.

Although the website was in need of revisions, the big change was driven by the loss of the server hosting our data.  CHF spent considerable funds having the data transferred to a more secure host, as well as updating the website.  All of which brings us to point out the opportunities for financial support for CHF:  donations (see the “Donate” button), “Memberships” (tab at the top of the page), and “Shop” (support through the purchase of various Collier-related items).  Currently, we have for sale Robert Terrell Collier, His Ancestors and Descendants, by Vaughn Ballard.  CHF bought all unsold copies from the author’s estate a few years ago, and there are limited number of these available.  We hope to have other interesting items for sale in the future.  For any of the methods of support, payment by check, credit card, and PayPal are available.

We try to anticipate issues but we will probably have some rough spots to work out, so let us know if there are problems.

Collier Heritage Foundation has been maintained by volunteers and the donations of only a few folks since its beginning.  We hope you take advantage of the opportunities to support this effort.

Please enjoy the mention of Collier items donated to the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah.  More to follow later.

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