Yorktown, Virginia 1704

Capture 11-27
The plantations of Charles Collier and Thomas Vines depicted on a Google-Earth image near Yorktown, Virginia.

Elaine Collier Neal has provided CHF documents showing the locations of the Charles Collier and Thomas Vines plantations near Yorktown, Virginia.

The first of our line of Colliers in America was Isaak Collyer who came to Virginia sometime in the mid-1600s. The line of descent from Isaak Collyer to Vines Collier is as follows:

Isaak Collyer > Charles Collier > Isaac Collier > Vines Collier

Isaac Collier married Ann Vines, the daughter of Thomas Vines. Vines Collier was given his mother’s maiden name, which was a typical convention of the time.

The following is a property map of the Yorktown, Virginia area in 1704, showing the plantation of Charles Collier (paternal grandfather of Vines Collier) and the plantation of Thomas Vines (maternal grandfather of Vines Collier).



The 1704 map was geo-referenced by GIS analysts and imported to Google-Earth. The resulting image depicts the approximate property boundaries of the plantations against a modern aerial photograph.

Capture 11-27

If you click on the following link, it should take you directly to Google-Earth where you can explore the image on your own computer. Google-Earth should be free if your machine does not have it.



  • Thank You, for all the maps.
    I am related to Vines Collier, thru, Efford Cobb Collier, I have seen Vines home in GA.
    Tried to see what was left of the Portabello , home, but Camp Perry would not us enter base.
    At least I was close at Williamsburg, and Yorktown.

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